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The History Behind Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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Ancient Egyptians had a sophisticated understanding of precious metals and how they could be altered. They used their understanding to create a lot of beautiful jewelry. The attitude toward jewelry in ancient Egypt was different than our current outlook for many reasons. You've likely seen images of the ornate Egyptian jewelry found in tombs and carvings. We'll cover the history of ancient Egyptian jewelry so you can understand what you're looking at the next time you stop into the museum. The History of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry The construction and use of ancient Egyptian jewelry was dependent on a few factors. The attainment of precious metals and cultural significance were very important. Different metals held different levels of significance and were...

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Isis: Egypt’s Mother Goddess

Posted by David Gray Rodgers on

Isis is the goddess of motherhood, marriage, fertility, magic, and medicine in the religion of ancient Egypt.  She is also known as Eset (or Aset) as well as many other names, and her titles include Queen of Heaven, Maker of the Sunrise, and Queen of the Gods.  Syncretism (the blending of ideas) has always been a component of Egyptian faith, and so at times Isis also takes on the warrior attributes of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet (The Powerful One) as well as the goddess Hathor’s domain of sex, love, music, dance, and joy.  Isis was the goddess of childbirth and harvest.  She was the goddess of light, but also a goddess that helped guide spirits through the afterlife and the...

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